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Our mission

The Centre for Media Transparency exists to examine patterns of media ownership and control and how that impacts on civil society and governments. Our mission is to expose the hidden influence wielded by the owners of media multiple media outlets.

ISTANBUL - JUN 11: In Taksim Gezi Park, protests sparked by plans to build on the Gezi Park have broadened into nationwide anti government unrest on June 11, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. Taksim square

Who we are

The Centre for Media Transparency is a think tank established in London in July 2015 by a group of individuals concerned about hidden influence in the media. It does not itself have in-house staff but rather operates to coordinate and commission the work of others around media ownership and practice.

STRASBOURG, FRANCE - 11 JAN, 2015: People hold placards reading 'This is not a gun, this a thing to express myself' during a unity rally (Marche Republicaine) where some 50000 people took part

What we do

The Centre does not itself have any staff but rather commissions reports from academic researchers to examine the media ownership and influence situation in various countries. At present the organisation’s work is concentrated on European markets. Our aim is to publicise these reports as widely as possible so that the public has a better understanding of how their news is reported the way it is and the behaviour of politicians towards media groups.



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